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The Law Office of Steve Johnson is dedicated to providing you the best legal representation around for your personal injury case. We will serve as your advocate during the legal process.

We Work for You

When you are injured, we assist by taking over the burden of working through your immediate legal needs. Afterward, we continue to assist in all of your legal proceedings that follow and help you navigate through the legal process.

Auto Injury

Being injured in an auto accident is a serious matter that may affect multiple aspects of your life.  You need a legal professional to represent you.  We are here to help during each step of the way.

Personal Injury

When you are injured, we help by helping get your immediate needs addressed.  Afterward, we will assist in all of your legal proceedings that follow.  Our professional advocates will help you navigate the legal process.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case can be the most stressful thing to happen to a loved one.  We will help develop a legal strategy that will help bring justice to your loved one.  

Brain Injury

Serious trauma may result in brain injuries that can deeply affect your life.  We will evaluate your case and assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve for your case.  

Medical Malpractice

Sometimes professionals are capable of making mistakes.  When this happens in a medical setting, you may be entitled to compensation.  We will help you through the legal process to determine each best step in these situations.

Premise Liability

Personal injury may happen on someone else’s property.  When this happens, you will need a legal professional to help you determine liability and to evaluate what legal steps need to take place.  We are here to help you in these types of cases.

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Great legal firm!
The Law Office of Steve Johnson has been a pleasure to work with. They are very professional, client minded, and they are great to work with on any matter. Without question, the have the experience needed to really get things handled.

Austin Miller, Client of Law Firm

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Attorney Steve Johnson

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Steve Johnson | Attorney at Law

Steve is a very dedicated personal injury attorney. He has several years of legal experience dealing with personal injury cases both inside and outside the courtroom. He will walk you through all steps of your case and make sure your questions and concerns are answered.

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