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Your Personal Injury Professionals
A Local Utah Law Firm

The Law Office of Steve Johnson is a local law firm that serves Davis County Utah and surrounding areas. As we are a privately-owned, local firm, this means we get to spend more individualized attention on your legal matters. We are truly your legal professionals, and we will remain side-by-side with you through your whole legal process.

Personal Injury Experts

Our Utah law firm has a primary focus on personal injury. All of our professionals have expertise in this particular legal field. This means that we are the experts when it comes to your personal injury case. We have years of both legal and trial experience in this area. Attorney Steve Johnson is well respected in the field, and you will feel confident working alongside him.

Client Centered Practice

When it comes to personal injury cases, your life is usually impacted in multiple ways and these cases are very stressful. Our law firm will guide you during the process and make sure that your needs are met. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we will work to achieve that from the first day you work with us. Also, we aren’t in this for the quick buck: we will fight for your case to help you get the best outcome possible.

Smaller Means Better

When it comes to choosing a lawyer, you have to make a wise decision. Often, the outcome of your case hinges on making an educated choice on which firm you work with. Large corporate law firms are not always the answer, and bigger is not always better. Our local firm is able to focus more attention on our clients individual cases, which can help improve outcomes.

Specialized Legal Advice

We are your experts when it come to personal injury.  Our attorney team has years of experience in this type of law, and they are ready to represent your case no matter how devastating or complex.

Trial Experience

Our team has years of experience with personal injury trials.  If you feel that your case will go to trial, you need an attorney who has experience in this area.  This proves to have greater outcomes, and our attorney will help you understand what is going on step-by-step.

Local and Private

Our law firm is local to Davis County Utah.  This means that we are easily able to serve this area of Utah as well as surrounding areas.  Also, we are a privately owned and managed firm, which means you will not have to work with a large corporate firm.  You will fill the individual difference working with us.

Our Story

Attorney Steve Johnson graduated from University of Utah School of Business and then completed his law degree at Brigham Young University School of Law.  After completing his education, he learned about his desire to help those who have suffered from injuries and trauma.  This set him on the course to become a personal injury attorney.  With another passion of owning his own business, he combined the two interests and started his own law firm.  This gave him the ability to focus more on his individual clients than if he spent a career working for a large corporate firm.  As always, his clients are his #1 priority and he works diligently to represent them the best he can in or out of the court room.

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At the Law Office of Steve Johnson, we are always interested in learning about your case and how we can help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.