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Auto Injury

There are a huge number of car accidents per year. Many cause physical injury to some of those involved. While insurance provides a necessary resource in times of crisis such as this, there is only so much that your own insurance can do for you when someone else has caused your injuries. Often, a large amount of your own medical expenses will not be covered by your own insurance. The physical pain of your injuries is then compounded by a newly formed financial burden and stress. It is frustrating to deal with car repairs, medical bills, trying to return to work, and just plain getting your health back. There is a solution, however: personal injury attorneys.

Car Accidents

Every day we drive on roads and take our lives into our own hands. We are surrounded by countless drivers, both responsible and those less so. Life is hectic as it is and when you least expect it, you may be involved in an accident.  When life is already filled with so many stresses, an accident only adds to your difficulties, and that is then compounded by an auto injury.

There are few things more tragic in life than a major accident. Car accidents account for around 1.3 million deaths per year worldwide.  That comes out to about 3,287 deaths per day worldwide. Though human life is irreplaceable, sometimes the after effects of a traumatic accident can cause severe suffering and stress. Working through pain that won’t go away can be debilitating and depressing. As if a crash wasn’t bad enough

All the pain and suffering associated with a car crash is only magnified by the tremendous costs associated with it. While you suffer from the pain of a neck, head, or spinal injury, you also suffer under the tremendous weight of a $15,000 hospital bill, which is the average medical cost associated with an auto injury. With a more severe injury, the costs only skyrocket. That bill doesn’t even include the cost of not being able to work or even the emotional damage. Generally, emotions of powerlessness and a sensation of being unprepared accompany an event like a car crash.  Depending on insurance, which may or may not cover the cost of your recovery, you may have to pay the bills yourself. That means handing over a sizeable amount of money just to get over the effects of your auto injury.

Imagine driving on your way to your next daily commitment, your mind filled with thoughts of all of the responsibilities you need to fulfill. Your passengers, whether they be a co-worker, your children, or a friend, ride with full trust in you. Without warning, you are involved in a car accident. After it all is said and done, you realize you have significant pain that prevents you from being able to work at a normal pace. Luckily, you have insurance which was created for instances like this. You talk to your insurance company in hopes of finding some sort of relief. The insurance company notifies you that the coverage you have will only cover a small portion of the cost of your medical bills. The remainder of your medical bills can either cause great difficulty, or you can find an attorney that will handle your auto injury claim.

Personal Injury Attorneys

While recovering from an auto injury, the last thing you want to do is represent yourself in court or in other legal matters. The insurance adjusters you deal with may be nice on the phone and may provide some information to you, however, their interests oppose your own. Their goal is to minimize claims. Your goal is to make yourself whole again. The insurance adjusters are very familiar with the process and know how to avoid allowing you to make a fair claim.

A personal advocate on your side provides a wonderful envoy for you to represent you and your interests so you can recover with the least amount of stress. Hiring a personal attorney in this situation provides the benefit of someone with experience and knowledge marshaled on your behalf. With all car crashes, there is a mountain of red tape and navigating that legal labyrinth can be tedious and frustrating.  At the Law Office of Steve Johnson, we handle on your behalf all of the communication with the other driver, your insurance company, and the other driver’s insurance company necessary to come to a desirable outcome for you. We also will advise you through the process of how to get the best care available with as little financial stress as possible. Then, once you have recovered from your injuries,we help you get the best resolution to your claims with the insurance companies. We are able to resolve most cases without requiring the involvement of the courts. More than anything, we provide a sense of security knowing there is a qualified professional fighting for your interests and ready to answer your questions.

We also offer a free introductory consultation to assess the viability of the case and the possibility of meeting your needs. We will explain any specific limitations on your specific case or highlight any other damages done of which you may not be aware. We will formulate a plan with your on how to best move forward and recover from this difficult situation. Naturally, the other driver, or your insurance company in the case of those who live in Utah, will try to repel the attempts to make a fair claim. We know the best practices to mitigate and overcome these attempts.

We have likely dealt with cases similar to yours, and almost every insurance company out there. We will know how to fight your battle and get you the compensation you need for the auto injury you’ve sustained. We understand the often confusing and monotonous writing of legal documents and insurance policies and we can work your case while you can be focused on recovering from your injury.

A Utah Auto Injury Attorney

Steve Johnson and his law office in Davis County Utah provides an excellent resource for those suffering from an auto injury who are seeking assistance with their claims for bodily harm and pain and suffering. We offer specialized legal advice because we focus on personal injury such as auto injury. Salt Lake City Utah (just south of Davis County) is filled with motor vehicle accidents almost daily.  The Law Office of Steve Johnson has deep experience handling all sorts of auto injury cases and handling all phases, whether setting up the initial claim, presenting the best case to the insurance company for a favorable resolution, or fighting your case in court.

Our entire law office specializes in personal injury law and we have years of experience in both the legal and the trial aspects of our field. Our number one priority is the satisfaction of the people we represent. We promote more individualized attention on your legal matters so we can stay side-by-side with you through the whole legal process, no matter how long that takes. Again, our number one priority is your satisfaction and well-being.

Because we are local, we can be more in touch with you and your case and be there when you really need us. Choosing the right attorney can often make the difference between a positive solution and more stress. We know we can be the support you need in the time that you need it. We know we can best represent you and get you what you need. Call or click to contact us today.